Folding door system SF75

Burglar-resistant fittings

Assembly shoes allow a fast assembly and precise adjustment of the vertical frame profiles

Optional security package for maximum burglar resistance up to resistance class 2

Later height adjustment of the running mechanisms possible – e.g. in case of subsidence

Optional twin-lock-mechanism for additional burglar resistance

Panel catcher for additional security to fix the pass door to the adjacent panel

Mushroom-head lock for optimal tightness and increased burglar resistance

Proper Sunflex handle series

Different kinds of locks available

System information

Profile system
  • Glass folding door made of highly thermally insulated aluminium profiles
  • Bottom-loaded construction
  • The construction depth of the profiles is 75 mm
  • Option of flush or weathered bottom track
  • The flush bottom track can be used in “barrier-free dwellings” in accordance with DIN 18 025
  • Choice of opening to the inside or outside
  • Opening either to one side or both sides
  • The running and guide tracks are integrated flush
  • Height tolerances and expansions may be compensated
  • UW up to 1,0 W/m2k (with glazing Ug = 0,5 W/m2k)
  • Air permeability class 4 according to EN 12207
  • Rain tightness class 9A according to EN 12208
  • Resistance to wind load class B5/C4 according to EN 12210
  • Airborne sound insulation value Rw = 36 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-3
  • Burglar-resistance up to resistance class 2 (RC2)
  • All fittings are concealed within the profiles
  • Low-maintenance, non-corroding and failsafe hardware components
  • Locking of panels in top and bottom track and/or via mushroom head-lock engaging into the frame or adjacent panel
  • Locking and unlocking of panels via flat handles with locking device for burglar resistance
  • Optionally fitted with different lock types
  • Hinges are secured against knocking-out of the pivot pins (burglar resistance).
  • An open turn panel may be securely fixed to the adjacent panel by panel catchers
Running assemblies
  • Easy adjustment due to a height-adjustable carriage system
  • The running assemblies are located above the water drainage area
  • Low-noise, wear-, heat- and cold-resistant rollers



Sealing & ventilation
  • Using EPDM gaskets at two levels guarantees rain- and wind-proofness
  • A glazing configuration between 28, 40, 48 mm and 56 mm is possible (SF75)
  • A glazing configuration between 40 and 48 mm (SF75c)
  • Subsequent replacement of panes without difficulty


Choice of colours

You can choose from a range of standard colours - and many, many more from the SUNFLEX colour wheel.

Our 5 standard colours are:

  • RAL 9016
  • RAL 7016
  • RAL 9006
  • RAL 9007
  • E6EV1




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