Sliding System SF 20 with frame

Height compensation
The ceiling rail adjusts to height differences up to 20 mm in case of building subsidences at the upper construction.

Maximum transparency, permanent ventilation and protection against driving rain are ensured by a 24 mm covering of the panels when closed.

Vertical frame
Increased driving rain and wind resistance by vertical frame profiles with brush gaskets, available as option.

Barrier free living
Optionally a flat bottom rail (height = 13 mm) is available which is particularly suitable for indoond “barrier-free dwelling” in compliance with DIN 18025 - whether mounted or recessed into the floor.

Ease of operation
Smooth movement of the sliding panels by hidden rollers incorporating ball-bearings with noise-inhibiting contact surfaces.

Locking mechanism
Optionally an handle, a lock and a locking mechanism can be fitted to the panel internally and externally.

On closing and opening the sliding door each adjacent panel respectively is automatically moved by the integrated followers.

Drainage and cleaning
A sloping floor construction and optimally shortened rail lengths permit unpressurised drainage and simple cleaning of the floor rail. The anti-slip coating ensures that the floor rail surface is safe to walk on.

Height adjustment
To compensate for structural variations the integrated rollers can be adjusted for height by up to 5 mm.

System Information

  • Sliding system
  • Bottom loaded/running construction
  • Option of flush or weathered bottom track
  • The flush bottom track is particularly suitable for use in "barrier-free dwellings"
  • according to DIN 18 025
  • Optionally with or without lateral vertical frame profiles
  • Optionally with or without vertical panel frames
  • Height variations of up to 20 mm can be compensated
  • Airborne sound insulation to Rw = 17 dB according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2
  • Measurement of deflection class 4 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (10 mm glass)
  • Repeated pressure/wind suction class 4 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (10 mm glass)
  • Safety test class 4 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (10 mm glass)
  • All fittings are concealed within the profiles.
  • Low-maintenance, non-corroding and failsafe fittings
  • Integrated followers automatically move the adjacent panels when closing the sliding panel
  • Various handles and C-pull handles available for inside and outside
  • Inside and/or outside locking possible
  • Optionally with inside or outside lever lock
  • Low-noise, ball bearing rollers with wear-resistant and low-maintenance running surfaces
  • The carriages feature a height adjustment of up to 5 mm
  • The load capacity of the carriages is 80 kg/panel (maximum panel weight)
  • Sliding panels overlap vertically by approximately 24 mm
  • Gap of approximately 8 mm between glass panels (when 10 mm glazing is used)
  • Gap sealing via aluminium profile with brush gaskets
  • Brush gaskets are fitted horizontally at the top and at the vertical frame on the inside and outside
  • 8 or 10 mm tempered safety glass panes(ESG-H)
  • Inclined floor construction and length-optimized webs
  • End caps for lateral sealing of the bottom tracks

You can choose from a large number of colours on the SUNFLEX colour wheel.