Slide and Turn System SF 25

Optimal panel guidance without guide arm when opening and closing

  • Height compensation profile with horizontal flange
  • Screw cap with cover clip

Height compensation profile with vertical flange

Completely stainless carriage system

Height compensation profile allows a height adjustment of up to 22 mm

Corner angle continuously adjustable for top track and height compensation profile

Turn knob

  • Optionally with vertical frame profile for increased tightness

Screwed glass; glass thickness 8, 10 or 12 mm possible

System Information

  • Frameless all-glass slide and turn system
  • Option of flush or weathered bottom track
  • The flush bottom track is particularly suitable for use in "Barrier-free dwellings" according
  • to DIN 18 025
  • Panels can be stacked open either internally or externally
  • Opening of panels by sliding to one side or to both sides
  • Optionally with or without lateral vertical frame profiles
  • Height variations can be compensated by a height compensation profile
  • Airborne sound insulation Rw = 22 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-3
  • Airborne sound insulation Rw = 34 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-3 with gap gaskets
  • Measurement of deflection class 3 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (8, 10, 12 mm glass)
  • Repeated pressure/wind suction class 3 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (8, 10, 12 mm glass)
  • Safety test class 3 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (8, 10, 12 mm glass)
  • All fittings are concealed within the profiles
  • Low-maintenance, non-corroding and failsafe fittings
  • Inside and/or outside locking and unlocking possible
  • Locking and unlocking via pull rod or turning knob
  • Optionally with lever lock (“child-proof”)
  • Top running, low-maintenance horizontal running assemblies, each equipped with two rollers
  • The running assemblies feature each three smooth-running needle bearings and two carbon fibre reinforced polyamide rollers
  • Running assemblies out of stainless steel metal components
  • Low-noise, low-wear, heat and cold resistant running surfaces
  • die Running assemblies pivot at any angle between 90° and 180°
  • Gap of approximatively 2-4 mm between the panels
  • PVC gap gaskets (optional)
  • Brush gaskets are fitted horizontally at the top and bottom on the inside and outside
  • Lower and upper brush gaskets are attached to the panel frames and not to the bottom track
  • 8, 10 and 12 mm tempered safety glass panes (ESG-H)
  • Panes secured via concealed screw-fixing system in top and bottom panel profiles
  • Subsequent replacement of panes without difficulty
  • Subsequent replacement of panels without difficulty
  • Unpressurised drainage via inclined floor construction
  • Integrated water drainage channel on inside of bottom track (option)
  • End-caps for lateral sealing of bottom track

You can choose from a large number of colours on the SUNFLEX colour wheel.